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Listen up, all professional speakers out there – let's be real, your boring old EPK isn't going to cut it anymore. You need something that's going to grab people's attention and make them say, "whoa!" With killer design, you can take your EPK from snooze-fest to show-stopper and start earning what you are worth. Say hello to the EPK revolution – your audience will thank you (and so will your wallet). 🐼🔥
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Imagine this...

You're sending out your EPK to decision makers,

and instead of them being blown away by your message and visuals, they're more likely to fall asleep than book you for a speaking gig. Meanwhile, your competition is raking in high fees with EPKs that are like a party in the decision makers' inbox. Don't worry, you don't have to be stuck with a boring EPK forever. The EPK Revolution is here to shake things up and teach you how to create a PRO-level EPK that'll make your competition green with envy (and your pockets green with money). 

Introducing the EPK Revolution...

Your secret weapon for doubling your speaking fee!

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🚀 In this game-changing webinar, you'll discover:
  • The secrets to transforming your EPK and standing out from the competition
  • How to achieve a grand and unforgettable EPK design that commands attention
  • Tips to unlock your brand's true potential through a visually stunning and high-converting EPK

Don't take our word for it, learn from the experiences of others...

"As a Business Leadership Coach it is important to market my services. As much as I resist marketing myself, it is an important aspect of what I do. When I saw the EPK packages which Panda Commission produced for other professionals like myself and liked what I saw, I also recognized where this kind of marketing tool could be used to promote my services.

Charles and his team made sure to keep open lines of communication and made the process SUPER easy. The package I received looks great and is a fantastic tool for a coach like myself to promote my services. Thank you!"
Akeisha Johnson
"First and foremost, I am truly thankful I had the chance to use PandaCommission for my EPK design. This creation has EXCEEDED all my expectations. I feel PandaCommission has gone above and beyond with understanding my needs & goals as an entrepreneur and implemented that into a design masterpiece can now share with the world.

Charles and his team are truly dedicated to their craft and provide the exceptional client experience. When you use PandaCommission for your next project, prepare to be AMAZED at the results."
Zeid Muhammad
"The process after I placed my EPK order was simple & smooth. The end result exceeded my expectation. When I read the copy and saw the high quality graphics, I said to myself, “Damn girl! You are the -ish”. Thank you so much for the quality EPK. I'M READY!"
Tanisha Lyons-Porter
"I had an outstanding experience with Charles McGill! He was professional and prompt. The EPK was incredible! I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with Charles. I highly recommend and I'm certain you will have a great experience also."
Mike Goodwin

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The EPK Revolution: How A High-Quality EPK Can Help Double Your Speaking Fee

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